Public transport discount and additional services for International students

ISIC Mobility card

The ISIC Mobility Card 

With the ISIC Mobility Card the public transport in the Netherlands is no longer a challenge. By a swipe of the card you easily check in and out in all modes of transport.

The combined offer provides you:

  • Easy access to public transport and shared bikes;  jump from train to tram to bus and on a bike, just like the locals do. After full registration you never have to upload money onto the pass and therefore never miss a train because of insufficient balance.
  • Student discount; With the ISIC Mobility Card you receive a 15% discount during weekends and off-peak hours on weekdays at the trains of the Dutch Railways (NS; Nederlandse Spoorwegen). Furthermore, with this combined offer you receive a ISIC Membership including ISIC student ID. This membership give you access to the biggest network of global student benefits.
  • Customized application with international payment methods; we made a customized application process for international students with international payment methods.

For the combined offer you pay a onetime purchase price of €15,-. Monthly we will charge you for your travel costs and a subscription fee of €4,50.

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