Podcasts are the perfect way to be productive, learn something new, be entertained, all while doing boring stuff like dishes or commuting.

Discover 6 new podcasts

Podcasts are the perfect way to be productive, learn something new, be entertained, all while doing boring stuff like dishes or commuting. It’s radio on demand, it’s strangely old and new all at once. If you couldn’t tell, I love podcasts. In this article I’m going to share my favorites, so you too can get your pod on!

99% Invisible

One of my absolute favorites and probably one you’ve at least seen on the podcasts tab on your streaming service of choice (the logo with the black background and little yellow square), 99% Invisible is a podcast about design. And not just ‘how beautiful is this poster’ sort of design. 99PI focuses on (surprise) the invisible design that makes our world work. From roads and bridges to ad campaigns featuring decathletes to Chilean socialist computer systems. If you want to learn something new from interesting people, check out 99% Invisible. There are over 300 episodes to catch up on.

The Anthropocene reviewed

The Anthropocene reviewed is a weird one. It’s funny, and bittersweet, poetic, nostalgic and strange all at once. John Green (yes, thát John Green) rates aspects of the human centered planet on a five-star scale, and it’s exactly as bizarre as it sounds. He’s rated diet Dr. Pepper, Canada geese, Halley’s comet and the Taco Bell breakfast menu. Every review is part memoir, part serious discussion. John is a great essayist and I love listening to The Anthropocene reviewed when I’m in an introspective mood.


If you have not gotten into fiction podcasts yet, please check out Limetown. It’s an old one (2015) but it’s so good. Told as an investigative true crime report, as told by APR journalist Lia Haddock, Limetown feels spookily real. This podcast combines everything you love about true crime and science fiction and sends you deep into the mystery detailing the disappearance of over 300 people at a neuroscience research facility in Tennessee. It’s addicting and fast paced and although I’ve heard the second season isn’t as good, I would still highly recommend it.

The Financial Confessions

I have a bit of a weird hobby: I love reading and learning about personal finance. I love The Financial Die, a women-powered-women-oriented finance blog. They recently launched a podcast in which TFD interviews people about their relationship with money. They talk strategy, habits and learnings. I find it very interesting to get this glimpse in to the perspective different people have around money. My favorite episode so far? The one with author, mortician and self-proclaimed death-positive activist Caitlyn Doughty, in which two big taboo topics are discussed: money and death.

Finding Fred

If you’re feeling hopeless about the state of the world, you need to listen to Finding Fred. Even if you are not familiar with Mr. Rogers Neighborhood or Fred Rogers’ work, this podcast will give you that spark of hope that truly good people exist, or at least that there are complicated people in the world who are trying to be better. Host Carvell Wallace discusses Rogers’ ideas with guests as they try to find ways to apply Rogers’ revolutionary kindness and compassion in a chaotic world.

My dad wrote a porno

Imagine your dad writing a smutty book. Most people would try to ignore it until it went away, but not Jamie Morton. He turned his dad’s amateur erotic novel into an award-winning podcast, and it’s every bit as hilarious ánd cringy as you are imagining. If you need a good laugh ‘My dad wrote a porno’ is the perfect podcast for you. Jamie reads a chapter of his dad’s erotic novel ‘Belinda Blinked’ and discusses it with two friends. I can guarantee you; you will laugh out loud.

Do you like listening to podcasts? If so, which ones?