Save money and time with a 10% student discount on Eurosender.

10% student discount on Eurosender

Exchange year isn't just a year in your life, it's a life in a year filled with amazing memories you will never forget. When the time comes to pack up those memories, Eurosender will make sure you don't leave anything behind! Need to send a lot, or odd sized baggage? For example because you are moving to another country within the EU of going on a skiing holiday? With ISIC card you get a 10% student discount on all Eurosender shipping within the EU. Great right?

Don't carry your luggage with the airline - Use Eurosender
Save money and time with Eurosender and stop carrying your luggage around airports.

Eurosender is student's most popular platform for booking international shipping services and they work with the largest and best courier companies in Europe. Your luggage will be shipped from door to door of course. Prices are already low, but even lower with this ISIC discount.

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