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Why should a student have LinkedIn?

Why should you have a LinkedIn profile, and how can it help you get an internship, a summer job, or with your first steps towards your dream job? Nowadays, LinkedIn is an important tool to use while searching for a job or an internship, especially if you are looking for international opportunities or an internship abroad. More and more recruiters use the platform to find future talents, and it’s an easy way to spot potential career opportunities and brand yourself as an employee.

By following interesting companies in your industry, you learn about the latest trends, and the more you have connections, the more you receive news on your feed about free webinars, internships, student jobs, and more. You do not have to be a pro in your own industry to use the platform but a good LinkedIn profile definitely will help you in your career. We listed how to make sure you have your profile on point and make the most out of LinkedIn! 


Make sure you have created the profile in the language you want to be found. If you are searching for an internship or a job abroad, the best is to write your profile in English to increase the odds of your profile being spotted by the right person. If you are searching for opportunities in your own country, a profile written in English still may increase the odds of your profile popping up, as the platform is designed to be used in English. 


Pay attention to the headline and the summary of your profile, as this is the first impression a visitor of your profile will see. The header is kind of like your business card. At a minimum, mention your title and your current job, or your education that you are studying for or have currently graduated from. An example header could look like this: 

  • Customer Service Specialist at (your workplace) 

  • Communications Intern at (your workplace)  | Storyteller & social media enthusiast 

  • Sociology student at (your university) | Passion for sustainability and diversity

 Why should a student have a LinkedIn profile ISIC Denmark


A summary is a section under the header, this is your chance to make a good first impression. Write a short, informative summary that creates interest in a visitor to read your profile further. Just like a good job application, a good summary shows your personality as well. Tell about your current work situation, interests and skills by using the basic forms of words to increase the chances of recruiters and companies searching with keywords to find your profile. The more you use the keyword, the better odds your profile is found in a search. 

Profile picture 

A profile picture is a must! And not necessarily the kind of one you have on Instagram or your Tinder profile, but the one on your CV. A professional-looking picture and a cover picture that stands out, do matter.

Education and work experience 

LinkedIn profile works the same way as your CV. List your relevant education, important courses, and other studies you have done that might help you with your career. Make sure to also list the relevant work experience, with the main tasks and/or responsibilities you had.

You do not need to list every single summer job you have worked at, but volunteer work and internships may be important to mention, as long as they are relevant and especially if you are just graduating and haven’t had a chance yet to gain a lot of work experience in this specific industry. 

Describe your experience and education with the most common and generic titles of your industry, as these words are most likely used the most while companies and recruiters are searching for new talents. If you are not sure which words to use, take a look at profiles working in a similar position as you. 


Why should a student have LinkedIn ISIC Denmark

Skills and endorsements

Add skills to your profile, as this may gain your profile more views. List your personal, specific skills that may be beneficial to your career path, as these tell much more about you to the visitor of your profile than the general Word and Excel skills. 


Well-maintained, well-connected, and active profile builds trust. Recommendations are a great way to make sure the viewer of your profile does get a good impression of you as an employee. You can request short recommendations via a message from your classmates, professors, current colleagues or colleagues from previous workplaces, or your supervisors. When getting a recommendation, remember to thank, and possibly write one back. 

Last, but not least, make sure your contact details are up to date and your profile is public!  


 networking on LinkedIn ISIC Denmark


Networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place for networking and once your profile is on point, you can start building your connections! Start with your fellow students, professors, colleagues, and employers, and add them to your connections. If you want to connect with someone you met for instance, at an event, at university, or at a job fair, it’s better to send a connection request right away. On other social media platforms, it may be slightly strange to send a request to a stranger, but on LinkedIn, this is recommended. The quicker you approach them, the better they remember you. Networking is one of the best features of LinkedIn, as anyone in your contact list may be searching for a perfect role for you! However, avoid sending requests multiple times, if the person has not accepted the request, it may be a good idea to honor that. 

If you have a company in mind you would like to work at, or have spotted a perfect internship opportunity, you can follow them and for instance, comment on something they posted on LinkedIn. It’s easier to create a connection this way and later reach out via message to someone who already works there. It can also be beneficial to investigate what kind of background and education the current employees have since they are working in the position you desire. 

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Why should a student have LinkedIn ISIC Denmark



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