Make the most of your trip to Europe, TRAVEL!

Travel around Europe on a budget!

Traveling is fun, but not always cheap. In this article we have listed some tips and tricks how to travel Europe on a tight budget.

1. Interrail/Eurail

How about traveling by train? The most comfortable, cheap, safe and sustainable travel option. With an Interrail or Eurail train ticket you can discover as many as 28 European countries. Travel through the most breathtaking scenery and get dropped-off in the middle of Europe's finest cities such as Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Rome. There is a standard youth fare for everyone under 26 years old and on top of that there are usually several "special offers" on their website.

2. Bla Bla Car

Want to discover a new way of hitchhiking? Choose thousands of rides trough Europe. It is easy, cheap and last minute! In comparison to the old way of hitchhiking, Bla Bla Car gives more security. You simply need to choose your place of departure, destination, date and meet a driver who is going the same direction as you. Due to verified profiles and reviews from other members, Bla Bla Car is a reliable travel partner. There is a great chance you will have an interesting conversation or start a new friendship.

3. Low-cost flights

Are you thinking of a round trip to Madrid or Malta for less than 50 euros? Low-cost carriers such as Ryanair, Easyjet and Transavia offer affordable flights to a lot of European destinations. The cheapest flights are in the off-season; November, January February and March. Ryanair has offers between € 9.99 and € 19.99 to several destinations. Subscribe to their newsletters and get the best deal!

4. FlixBus

Travel through Europe with FlixBus! Choose your route from their extensive route network; with over 45.000 daily connections you really can explore Europe! The bus tickets are  easy on your wallet and the comfort and punctuality of buses save you a lot of trouble and stress. Enjoy free WiFi, a comfortable seat, snacks and plenty of space for your luggage. Travel with FlixBus to your favorite European destination and get 10% discount with your ISIC card

5. Ferry

Visit a soccer game in the United Kingdom or go island hopping in southern Europe by boat! Traveling with a ferry is much cheaper than a flight and way more fun. Island hopping in Greece, Croatia and Italy is something different and worth it. Combine lazy days at the beach with adventure trips. Discover and experience!

6. Go Dutch: cycle! 

Do you enjoy adventure and outdoor activities? Go cycling through Europe! There are kilometers and kilometers of cycle routes full of surprises. Choose a route along the coast of the Mediterranean sea, make a pitstop in the popular village Cinque Terre in Italy or explore the breathtaking nature of Norway. 

There are many ways to explore Europe. Europe has many faces and traveling is easy. What are you waiting for?