Looking for an affordable travel destination? Keep reading to see where your next budget trip should be!

Top 5 cheap travel destinations in 2022

Traveling is great, but as a student you have to keep your budget in mind. That's why we made a list of our top 5 cheap travel destinations of 2022. Keep reading to see where your next budget-trip should be.

1. Tallinn, Estonia

The capital of Estonia is the perfect budget destination. The city center is compact and easy to explore on foot in just a few days: ideal for a city trip. Even though this city is no longer an undiscovered gem, but there are many ways to get off the beaten path and explore authentic Tallinn. Visit the district of Kalamaja for example. This area is filled with locals, start-ups and younglings and you will find the best places to eat and chill there.

Tallinn Estland als goedkope bestemming voor studenten

2. Moskou, Rusland

If you really want to visit a big city, but don't want to spend every penny you have, consider Moscow! Russia is a bit of a controversial holiday-destination due to it's political climate and recent protests. Still, it's a beautiful country with great architecture and a unique history. Enjoy the rich culture of this metropolis by visiting one of it's dirt cheap museums and travel around on the well connected and affordable public transport! 

Moscow - Russia

3. Valetta, Malta

Malta is a small island in the mediterranean and it's an absolute pearl. With it's unique combination-culture of North-African, Italian, French and English, this country is a great option for the indecisive traveler: you will get a little bit of everything! Compared to other destinations in Southern Europe Malta is very affordable. A busticket costs almost nothing, so you can travel across the whole island for just a few euros. By saving on food and travel on the island, you will have some cash left over to do a fun excursion, like taking a boat trip to Gozo. 

Valetta - malta

4. Athens, Greece

Uhhh... Athens? Cheap? Yes, with it's €230 for a weekend trip Athens is the twelfth cheapest travel destination in Europe. You might think number 12 should not be on this list, but it's so much better than Amsterdam's 47th place I couldn't let it pass. Athens has it all: great food, beautiful ruines of ancient civilization and a rich history. You can relax along the Athenian Rivièra or drink a glass of wine in the romantic neighboorhood Plaka.

Athens - Greece

5. Poland. Any city.

You probably won't be surprised to find Poland on this list. Poland is known for being one of Europe's best budget destinations. Even though it's very popular for saving money, the country hasn't been run over by tourists yet. The big cities like Warsaw and Krakow are the most well known, but old Gdańsk (see picture) or Lublin, Toruń and Tarnów are also great options. If you want to experience more of Poland's beautiful nature, also visit mountainous Zakopane, or spot some bison in Białowieża National Park

Gdansk - Poland

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