Top 5 destinations for your next trip

1. Singapore

Singapore has lots to offer. Imagine beautiful parks, UNESCO sites, shopping malls, artgallery's and rooftop bars. This year Singapore has been independent since 1965, so one more reason to visit Singapore: PARTY! This city is superclean because of the strict littering rules, so make sure to pay attention where you leave your rubbish. This amazing metropole is worth a visit! Singapore is a great choice for a stopover, before going to other destinations in Asia or Oceania.   

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2. Namibia

Every adrenaline junkie needs to travel to Namibia. The beautiful red sanddunes are a true playground. Go skydiving, drive a quad, go on a jeepsafari, go sandboarding or just see an amazing sunset. The national parks in Namibia are great for a safari to spot the Big 5. In 2015 Namibia celebrates being independent for 25 years.  

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3. Lithuania

In 2015 it's easy to access Lithuania because they are now part of the Eurozone. Lithuania might not be on top of your travel list, which is a big pity. There are beautiful beaches, moving sanddunes and the capital Vilnius is a UNESCO World Heritage site. GO!  

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4. Nicaragua

Another Latin treasure! Nicaragua is part of Central-America and has a great authentic style. Visit cities like Granada, Managua or Leon, go to amazing beaches with great surf or climb mountains and vulcanos. Nicaragua has it all!  

Travel to Nicaragua

5. Ireland

Meet the locals in an Irish pub, drink a pint of Guinness and enjoy the livemusic. Go on a roadtrip from coast to coast, explore the green scenery of this beautiful country and be patient - you might share the street with a flock of sheep. Routesuggestion: travel from Donegal to Cork!

Reizen naar Ierland


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