Things to do during summer break

Finally, summer break! Long days of doing absolutely nothing, no stress… Until you get very bored. Maybe you didn’t make plans, or maybe there are circumstances that prevented your plans. We’ve got your back! In this article we present to you ten things to do during the summer holidays.

Learn something new

Take this opportunity to pick up a new skill! It has to be something you enjoy doing, because you don’t want it to feel like homework. You can try a new sport, or why not learn how to code (psst, you can get Jetbrains for free with your ISIC). Learning something new is a good way to stay active but still have fun. Need more ideas? You can learn a language, a new sport (or TikTok dances, those also count), teach yourself how to paint, knit or sew, or try something out of the box like slacklining! Experiment!

Go for a long hike

Discover what your neighborhood, city or country has to offer by taking a nice long hike. Walking is good for the soul and you never know what you might discover. Want to spice up your hikes a little bit? Try Geocaching! Geocaching is an activity where you use coordinates people leave only to find caches (often boxes, tubes, that sort of stuff). Sometimes there’s something in the cache, but the true reward is finding it in the first place.


Want to do something for your local community? Look into volunteering over the summer. There are always kids who need help catching up on schoolwork or language skills, or elderly neighbors who would love some help keeping their house clean or groceries carried. Want to learn more about volunteering in the Netherlands? Check out They have a great tool to find volunteering opportunities in your area.

Start a garden

If you have the time, money and space, you can use this time off to start a garden! It’s the perfect way to spend some time outside, and you can literally reap the rewards over time. You can sow flowers, veggies and fruits and watch your garden grow. It’s highly satisfying work.

Perfect your picknick basket

Why not have tons of picknicks and totally perfect your picknick-basket-skills? Try different snacks, drinks and layouts to come up with the ultimate picknick. You can experiment with cosy blankets and pillows, string lights and fun plates and napkins. Or just buy one of those single-use barbecues and a case of beer and you’re set.

Start a big project

Use this opportunity to start a really big project, like buying and tuning a really old, crappy car with your dad or friends. Or starting that big plant-wall-built-in shelving system you’ve wanted for so long. There is no better time to do an ambitious project than the summer, when you can work on it every day and see your progress.

Camp in the backyard (or on a campsite near your house)

If you’re not able to go on holiday this year for whatever reason (while I write this it’s spring 2020, we’re not going anywhere this year), have a camping trip in your own yard! Get out the tent, air mattress, cooking supplies and make yourself at home. A campsite near your house also works. You really don’t have to go far from home to get that summer vacation feeling.

Do nothing

Enjoy this time to do nothing, absolutely guilt free. You can have a multiple-day movie marathon without feeling like you wasted your time (so yes, time to get out Lord of the Rings, the entire Star Wars franchise, Harry Potter ánd Fantastic Beasts or any other favorite series). Take it to the next level with themed snacks and outfits, or just snuggle up on the couch with an endless stream of popcorn and call it a day.

Plan a future trip

Just because you can’t travel right now, doesn’t mean you can’t travel in the future! Why not start planning for your dream trip? Make a budget, dream about all the places you want to visit, make a fantasy itinerary. Making a plan is half the fun!

Be a tourist in your own city or country

Like I said with camping in your backyard, you don’t have to go far to have fun or feel that vacation vibe. You can totally explore new places in your own city or country on your bicycle and play tourist there! Visit a park you’ve never been to, try out a new coffee spot and take some cliché pictures at the most tourist-y places in town. You’ll see your homebase through fresh eyes, I promise!