Side jobs that can help you get your dream job

Rent of your (way too small) student room, university fees and grocery shopping: altogether being a student is very expensive (and we won’t even mention the open bill at your favorite bar). Time for a side job! Not only is having a student job great for your wallet, but also for your resume. Pouring beers or calling people is more useful for your future than you think! These are ways you can use your side job experience to get to your dream job.

1. Working in hospitality

Whether it’s bars, hotels, restaurants or catering, working in hospitality is a great way to gain some work experience. It’s incredibly hard work and requires a large amount of multitasking. You will learn about different aspects of a business and to take action instead of sitting around. Your vigor, decisiveness and people-oriented know-how are skills that will make future employers very happy.

2. Call center

‘Strong communication skills’ is probably in every job listing out there. Nobody wants a colleague you can’t talk to. It’s not only unsocial, but also unpractical when you need to make joint decisions in your job. As a call center worker you’re constantly practicing your communication skills. You are probably great with receiving push back. Phone phobia who?!


Werken in een callcenter als opstap naar een baan na de studie

3. Promotional work

Promotional work is a very popular student job. It’s varied work, has a pretty good salary and the flexible nature makes it easy to combine with your studies. It’s also a great way to get out of your comfort zone, kind of like call center work. You will learn a great deal of social skills and nerve. You are not afraid to take a risk and you will 100% support your employer through branding, and not even because you have to this time.

4. Work in sales

Maybe you don’t want to work in a commercial sector, but a position in sales will at least help you gain skills that will make you shine in the job application process. Working in sales will also make you target oriented, which is something future employers will surely appreciate. You will keep your head squarely on your shoulders and focus on the task at hand.

5. Use your job experience to your best advantage

Having work experience will look good on your resume. Make sure you highlight skills you gained from side jobs, even if they are not directly related to the job you are applying to. Don’t be afraid to play up your communication skills, attention to detail or ability to work under pressure. Did you get invited to a job interview? Use your best sales techniques or people skills to get the job! Good luck!  

This article was written in collaboration with StudentJob (NL).