Worldwide discounts on everything? From airline tickets to cinema tickets? Then buy an ITIC!


Please order your ITIC card following the exact procedure below.

  1. Please order your card using this link:
  2. Use the mandatory discount code: ITICKILROY (there is no discount)
  3. Upload your picture and proof of teacher status ASAP, your card can only be printed once we received these documents.


The ITIC card gives teachers access to ISIC's global network with many discounts and benefits. In addition to the many benefits offered by the ITIC teacher card, ITIC is the globally accepted digital proof that you are a full-time teacher.

To apply for the digital card you must work at least 18 hours a week at an educational institution and for a minimum period of 1 school year. Are you a beginning teacher, then you might not have so many hours? Maybe you are under 31? Then you can apply for an IYTC youth card, and you will get the same discount on airline tickets.


What exactly is the ITIC?

  • The ITIC teacher card is a worldwide identification for full-time teachers.
  • Access to thousands of benefits and discounts including: airline tickets, bars, books, buses, car hire, clubs, events, festivals, financial services, ferry, hotels, hostels, software, museums, train tickets, restaurants, online shopping, theatre and amusement parks.

The ITIC card has been supported since 1968 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the European Union and the Andean Community. ITIC is recognized by universities, academic institutions, student organizations, national governments and Ministries of Education worldwide.

Are you a (full-time) student? Then you can purchase the ISIC student card and you will also receive a discount from us. Are you younger than 31 and not a teacher? Then apply for the IYTC youth card.