Sounds familiar?

How to resist snacking at the train station

 It's so tempting; getting some fries or a saucijzenbroodje at the train station. And oh wait, there's a morning discount on a coffee + croissant and let's get a chocolate bar as well. Especially in The Netherlands, where you can find a shop to get snacks on almost every train platform, it's so easy to grab some candy or drinks before your train journey. The smells of coffee, freshly baked bread or the iconic Dutch kroket are irresistible. If you were not hungry before entering the train station, you will be when you smell all the delicious food. And then we haven't even talked about what happens when your train is delayed...

We get tempted by all the snacks at the train station and our wallets suffer because of it. These small amounts of money could result in you spending €50 on trainstation food. Does this sound familiar to you? Then read on! We give you tips on how to resist the temptation of snacking at the train station.

1.  Make sure you always have some food with you

The better prepared, the more successful! As long as you have a sandwich or muesli bar in your bag, you have no reason to buy something at the train station.


Snacks op het station weerstaan

2. Prepare your own food

Always hungry when you're on the train back home? Make an extra portion of your dinner and bring it with you the next day. This way you can easily walk past the oh so good snack shops.


Snacks op het station weerstaan

3. Look for distraction

At many train stations in The Netherlands you will find small shops full of magazines and books. There is enough to read to spend the time. And make sure you won't pick a cookbook! All those food photos will make you very hungry. Of course you can also call one of your friends or beat your PR in Candy Crush. 

Snacks op het station weerstaan tijdschriften lezen

4. Keep your student budget in mind

The prices at train stations are much higher than at a normal supermarket or snack bar in your neighbourhood. You may think you are only spending small amounts of money, but don't forget: a couple of euros every day will soon become a big pile of money. Besides. you can get 5 croissants at the local Albert Heijn for the price of one at a train station kiosk. 

Snacks op het station weerstaan

5. Make deal with yourself

Make an agreement to not spend more than a specific amount of money at the train station a month and stick to it, or promise to only buy something on fridays. By doing this you have more insight in your spending and something to look forward to at the end of the week. 


Snacking once in a while at the train station is not bad, as long as you're don't let yourself go crazy. And of course you should reward yourself with a cookie or Kebab when you've worked really hard on a project or exam!