Get the most out of your ISIC card at home

You might know the ISIC card mostly because it is useful when you travel. With your ISIC card you can book student flight tickets, which can save you hundreds of euros, and you also get access to over 40.000 discounts worldwide. But the ISIC card isn’t just great for when you’re traveling, it’s also amazing if you want to stay in the Netherlands. In this article we highlight three scenario’s and the amount of money you can save with you ISIC card. All these discounts are available from inside your house, so you don’t even have to leave your couch to enjoy these benefits (alright, for a couple of them you do need to leave your couch).


Maybe you are looking for a way to stay active, but you don’t want to share a space with other people. Might I present to you our sporty discounts:

- Veloretti: You save €80 on your Veloretti bike if you order with the ISIC discount code. Biking is a great way to stay active and you can use it in your daily life!
- Runtastic: Runtastic is the adidas exercise app you need to get in shape! On a yearly membership you will save €24 with your ISIC card.
- Forever 21: While you’re at it, grab a new sporty outfit from Forever 21! You will save €5 on a €50 outfit!

Savings: €109
Minus the cost of the ISIC card (€12): €97


We can also help you save some money if you are still studying! Check out these useful benefits:

- The Economist: want to stay up to date on the news, politics, economics and more? You can get €54,50 off a 6-month subscription to The Economist with ISIC. Not only will it help you understand global news, depending on your major it can also help you with assignments (like those annoying ‘how does this relate to a recent news story?’ essays).
- Scribbr: With our Scribbr discounts you can get €5 off a plagiarism check and even more on their editing services, making your dissertation the best in the game.
- Bookboon: This amazing platform offers a lot of textbooks for free, and we know those suckers are expensive!

Savings: €59,50 and up
Minus the cost of the ISIC card (€12), at least €47,50


Let’s be real, you’re going to do some online shopping anyway, so you might as well do it with your ISIC card and save some money. We have discount codes for:

- Desenio: Get a €25 poster to spice up your room and save €5!
- Forever 21: Shop for new clothes and get €5 off on a €50 purchase.
- Large: If geeky popculture is your thing, you need to do your shopping at Large! With our discount you will save €5 on a €50 purchase.
- BestSecret: Maybe you prefer exclusive designer brands. BestSecret is an invite-only platform with a lot of high-end brands for discounted prices. With ISIC you get €20 of a €80 purchase.

Savings: €35
Minus the cost of the ISIC card (€12): €23

Go out there and use your ISIC card today!