Furnish your house with a student budget

It can cost quite a lot of money to create a homey, cosy space to live in. We got you! Here are some tips for you to furnish your house/room with a tight student budget.

Get second-hand stuff

Flea markets and websites that offer second-hand stuff have a wide assortment. With a bit of luck you can find beautiful items that deserve a second chance at your place. Take a look at the Amsterdam Yard Sale or fill in your location on meukisleuk.nl. By doing this you will find flea markets right around the corner!

Richt je woning in met een studentenbudget


Use the things you already own in a different way

Be creative and look for ways to use your stuff differently. An empty wine bottle can be used as a candlestick holder, an old shoe box as a collection box and your old pair of rain boots as a flowerpot. Or bend your cutlery, attach it to the wall and use them as coat rack. The possibilities are endless! Have a look at Pinterest for more inspiration.

Richt je woning in met een studentenbudget

Sign up for Facebook groups

On Facebook there are so many great groups to get stuff for cheap or even free! (I.e. "Verkoop Amsterdam 020" or "Weggeef/verkoop/ruil groep Amsterdam & Zaandam.) Wether you live in a big city or a small town, usually every municipality has a group like this. Some are more active than others, but keep your eyes open for nice bargains!

Richt je woning in met een studentenbudget

Get your powertool on! 

Roll up your sleeves and get started! The internet is full of inspiration and on YouTube you can watch an infinite amount of “do-it-yourself” videos. Get creative, it doesn’t have to be difficult! A popular item among “do-it-yourselfers” is the humble wood pallet. You can use pallets for making a bed, couch or a table on wheels. The possibilities are endless. 

 Richt je woning in met een studentenbudget


Looking for other ways to save money? With the ISIC card you get access to thousands of student discounts. Take a look at our deals over here or in our app!

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