All you need to know when you're looking for a student job in Holland.

Finding a student job in The Netherlands

A part-time job as an international student has a lot of advantages. It helps you to cover your study and housing costs and a job gives you useful work experience. Besides this, a student job allows you to participate in the society and can help you to learn the language.

Are you going to study or already studying in The Netherlands and looking for a nice student job? We're there to help, provide your information here, or via the box below and we will start looking for you!

Do I need a work permit?

As an international student in The Netherlands, your position as a job applicant might be different from that of Dutch students. It all depends on your nationality. Are you from the EU/EEA (Croatia excluded) Switzerland or Japan? Then you're free to work without restrictions. Are you from Croatia or another country? Then you need a work permit (your employer needs to apply for one) and you're only allowed to work for a maximum of 10 hours a week. Or you can choose to work fulltime during the summer months of June, July and August.

Besides that, there are also rules concerning health insurance and tax. Fore more information, have a look at the Nuffic Study In Holland website.

Visit bars, restaurants or retail stores

This is maybe the easiest way to find a student job in The Netherlands. Just go in and ask if they can use some extra help. Especially in big cities like Amsterdam it's not always necessary to speak Dutch when you want to work at a bar, café, restaurant or shop. 

Employment agencies

Employment agencies have access to a lot of different vacancies. If you're not speaking Dutch, the recruitment websites Undutchables, etc. may help you in finding the perfect job. You can also bring a visit to an employment agency, like Randstad or Tempo Team.

Via your university

Some universities offer career services that can help you with your search for a job. Have a look at the website of your university or ask someone at the international office. It might be even possible to work at your university as a language tutor or receptionist.

With the ISIC job seeker

In the conversations we have had with many international students throughout the years in the Netherlands, it became clear that finding a suitable 'student' job is not an easy process in the Netherlands. Job adds are in Dutch, agencies are focusing on starters and/or Dutch students and employers are not able to recruit international talent themselves. Therefor ISIC would like to assist in bringing suitable jobs to you jobseekers!

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