Student life: expectations versus reality

We all have an idyllic image of what our time at Uni is going to look like. A life where you will party every day, you will never have to learn and of course money will never be a problem. But do those expectations meet reality?

Expectation: Party everyday
Reality: You will probably spend many nights alone in your bed, with Netflix as your only compagnon. It is not realistic to expect that you will party all the time. First, your liver will not survive such a life. Secondly, your bank account has a limit, unfortunately. But let's face it, if you are in bed with a good movie and some food, it can still feel like a party.

Expectation: You will never miss a lecture
Reality: In the meantime, you have learned that your university timetable differs greatly from your hours at high school. You can have a lecture in the morning and another lecture at 5 o'clock. Besides that, not all classes have a presence-requirement, so playing hooky has never been this easy! Don't get yourself into trouble and just go to class! 

Expectation: Living on yourself is great
Reality: When you finally leave your parents' house, it certainly feels liberating. But after a while you start to miss living at home with parents who do the laundry, cook and clean. You suddenly have to do everything yourself!

Expectation: You will never visit your parents, except on special days and during the holidays
Reality: You will visit your parents when you are in need of food or money, or anything you can't get yourself. The freedom when you leave home is exciting, but you will visit your parents way more than you expect. Guess who you call when you have an empty bank account and fridge?

Expectation: You know how to deal with money, you will never become the typical poor student!
Reality: Despite student finance and loans, your income is still pretty low. Sometimes the expectation fits reality, but unfortunately it doesn’t when it comes to money. You will become the stereotypical student, always looking for discounts. Luckily, you have the global discounts with your ISIC card. You are poor, but for sure you will be creative!


Expectation: Your study is always interesting and graduating will be easy
Reality: Choosing your own path and subjects to study sounds great right? Studying will be so easy now that you are only doing subjects you enjoy! Sadly, that's not the case. Every topic has unenjoyable parts and life can't be all fun and games all the time. You have to deal with the not-so-fun parts to be able to enjoy the amazing parts! 

Expectation: You will meet your best friends on your first day at university and you remain friends for life.
Reality: People walk in and out of your life faster than you ever thought was possible. Having a healthy social life is great, but to have best friends you can trust and connect with is irreplaceable. It sometimes takes some time and experience to find them.

Ultimately, of course, everything will be fine, and your student time will be one of your most carefree times.