7 useful Dutch apps for international students

When you move to the Netherlands, why not use every tool at hand to make your life easier? Here are seven (types of) apps that will seriously help you out!


  • 9292 is a public transport app that shows you all possible routes between point A and point B, with trains, trams, buses, ferries and everything inbetween. Bonus: 9292 will tell you real-time transit information, so you can see exactly when your bus or train will arrive at your stop.
  • The NS reisplanner is a great app if you want some additional info about trains. I use it to see how busy a certain train is, how many carriages it has (so I know where to get in) and where the first- and second-class carriages are located. You can also use this app to buy a quick last-minute train ticket if you’ve forgotten your OV-chipkaart.
  • Google Maps. Need I say more?


  • If you’ve registered for anything official in the Netherlands, you are probably familiar with DigiD. You can download the app and use the two-factor authentication to log in securely to any official accounts for registration, taxes or government information.
  • Not a specific app, but make sure you check out the app for your bank! Most Dutch banks have a pretty good app that allows you to check your balance, make a payment, or access your savings. You can also use most bank apps to make online purchases. All and all a pretty useful one to have.
  • We all know the Dutch love splitting the bill, and Tikkie is a great app to help with that. If you paid the bill, use this app to send a payment request to your friends.


  • Whatsapp is the most-used communications app in the Netherlands. It’s a free (internet based) messaging app that also accommodates group chats and (video)calls. Be prepared, because you will be added to ten million groups, one for every occasion.


  • It’s true… it rains on 200 days a year in the Netherlands. You will need to find a great weather app to help you check exactly when to get on your bike. I have two recommendations for you: Buienradar and Buienalarm: cross check them to make sure what the weather is up to.


  • Picnic is a great app if you would like to have your groceries delivered. They are quick, cheap and the best thing: you never even have to leave your house! Bonus: you’ll be less likely to be tempted to overbuy, saving you money and allowing you to keep up a healthier lifestyle!
  • If you don’t want to cook yourself but still don’t really want to leave your house: Thuisbezorgd is the place to go. This delivery service (known internationally as takeaway.com) has everything you could possibly want: pizza, pasta, breakfast, sometimes even booze!


  • Looking to get into the dating scene? Most people are familiar with Tinder, but also make sure you check out Happn! Happn works by geo-tagging your location and seeing with whom you’ve crossed paths in the last few hours.  


  • Let’s not forget the most important app of them all: the ISIC app. I know, I know, we’ve said it a million times, but I promise you won’t regret downloading it. You can use it to identify yourself as a student all over the world, and enjoy some great discounts as you go. Not sure how to use your ISIC app? Check out this quick guide to ISIC.