Don't get distracted by this article! Go study!

30 things you do when you should be studying

We know, we know! To start studying for your exam is a big challenge. For some reason you are the most productive when you don't have time for it. We bet the following situations will sound familiar to you!

1. You can't study in a messy room, you will CLEAN first!

2. Of course you will also sort your socks on colour.

3. Re-organise your room, you were already so productive!

Dingen die jij doet als jij eigenlijk moet leren - opruimen

4. Baking a cake.

5. Baking another cake.

6. Eating both cakes.

Dingen die studenten doen als ze eigenlijk moeten leren-eten

7. Rehearsing a dance move.

8. Uploading the amazing photos of last weekend's party on Facebook.

9. Starting a YouTube channel.

10. Binge watching Breaking Bad.

11. Let's call grandma.

Dingen die studenten doen als ze eigenlijk moeten leren-oma

12. Looking for new, amazing apps to waste your time on.

13. Observing the leafs fall of the trees.

14. Breaking your personal record on Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Farmville or Fruit Ninja.

15. Watching cat compilations on YouTube (warning: there are more than 2.5 million results).

16. Instead of a quick snack, you will cook like you will have dinner.

17. More cooking.

18. Eating your chef worthy meal.

19. Painting your nails.

20. Planning a new trip (with KILROY).

21. Doing the laundry.

22. Stalking random people on Facebook.

23. Making ugly selfies.

dingen die je doet als je eigenlijk moet studeren - selfie

24. Looking for dating material on Tinder.

25. Doing a solo concert in your room.

26. Checking your Instagram feed over and over (this also applies for Whatsapp and Facebook).

27. Chitchatting with your pet.

28. Cuddling your pet.

29. Reading back your Facebook posts from 2009 and realizing how uninteresting you were back then (the blegh-I-hate-school-can-I-go-back-home-please-post).

30. In the end you're counting the pages you have to learn for your exam and you're calculating how much time you should spend on this...Nah, let's watch more cat videos!