10 things all students do

1. You can't manage your money

Parties, beer, living on your own, shopping and more parties are taking its toll. Most students are often broke, but no worries! Before you know it it's the end of the month so you get your student loan or salary from your part-time job.

 Studenten geld

2. You sleep irregularly

As a student you decide when it's time to go to bed. When staying at your friend's a bit longer than planned, that's no problem. The lecture isn't that important tomorrow. Time to have a good night of sleep!

Studenten slapen onregelmatig

3. You travel for free 

A shopping day in Maastricht or eating fish in Volendam? Why not?! In The Netherlands students travel for free through the whole country. 

Studenten reizen gratis

4. You can drink alcohol in the middle of the day

Students and alcohol...it's a love-hate relationship: they can't be without each other and also not with each other - well, maybe for a bit. As a student you can drink alcohol during the day, no one who will call you an alcoholic!

5. You eat a varied diet

Students are real chefs! Give them pasta, pesto, cheese and rocket and they know how to make a delicious meal. Of course the leftovers will be eaten the next day.

6. You give house parties 

You either organise them or you join at least five house parties a month. Students like to party and because they don't have a lot of money to spend, the parties are being held at their houses. 

studenten huisfeest

7. You do your laundry at your parent's

From Friday night tot Sunday night the washing machine is working at full steam so your dirty clothes will smell like flowers again. And after the weekend you can carry your whole wardrobe through the train again. Hallelujah! 

Vuile was van studenten

8. You can snack at 5 o'clock in the morning

The more garlic the better after a night out! Are you going for kebab or do you choose a kapsalon? 

9. You watch series during lectures

You did your best waking up and you're sitting in the college hall. After 5 minutes, you're not concentrated on the subject anymore but you're thinking about the the last episode of your favourite series. What was the lecture all about?

10. You get student discounts

It's so good! Especially in student cities, a lot of things are being organised for student students in particular. Or you can enjoy a student meal, cheaper cinema tickets or you can join a sport club with student discount. With ISIC you get amazing discounts in both The Netherlands as abroad. Get your own ISIC card here!

Studentenkorting met ISIC