10 things all students do

1. Spend a lot

Parties, beer, rent, groceries and more parties and suddenly all your money is gone. Students are often ‘broke’ and we don’t doubt that. Maybe you could use our savings tips before your next pay check comes in?

2. Sleep irregularly

When you’re a student you decide when to go to bed. So if you want to stay out with friends for another hour, you can do that! You don’t really have to go to that 8 am class anyway. Time to sleep in!

Studenten slapen onregelmatig

3. Travel for free or with discount 

Go shopping in Maastricht or try the herring in Volendam? Why not? Dutch students travel for free on public transport and international students can get a discount with ISIC Mobility. While you’re here, why not?

4. Day drink

Students and alcohol… It’s a love-hate situation. You can’t be with or without each other (okay, you can be without it for a little while). Enjoy it while it lasts: nobody will look at you funny when you crack open a beer at 12pm sharp. 

Studenten dingen

5. Eat well  

Contrary to popular belief, many students are great cooks. Give them pasta, pesto, cheese and whatever else you find in your fridge and they will turn it in to a world class meal, and any leftovers will be used during the next one. Creative!


6. Give house parties 

Students enjoy a good party and why shouldn’t they? To cut on costs (and because it’s so fun) many shared student houses choose to throw a house party at least once a year.

7. Do laundry at your parents’ house

Friday evening until Sunday evening your parents’ washing machine is working overtime, so you can go back to your room on Sunday night with freshly washed clothes. Awesome, until you remember you have to carry half your closet across the country.

Vuile was van studenten

8. Snacking at 5 in the morning

After a good night out you need a lot of grease, and a lot of garlic. Are you a turkish pizza or kapsalon sort of snacker?

9. Watching shows during class 

You really tried to go for it and showed up at your class, ready to take notes. After 5 minutes of listening to your boring professor your thoughts start to wander to the cliffhanger you watched yesterday. Ahhh… Just one episode… Nobody will notice, right?

10. Use student discounts everywhere

If you are bad with money like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you probably loooove a student discount. In many cities heavily populated by students you have a lot of choice. Go see a movie, exercise, or grab a bite to eat all with a great discount. If you don’t have an ISIC card yet, you can grab one and get access to tons of great benefits all over the world. Check it out here!