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10 destinations for travelling on a student budget

Travelling on a student budget can be tough, and picking a destination that won't break your bank can be even tougher. We've already sorted out some tips for student travelling in another article, but here we have listed some great destinations ideal for student budget travelers, so read through and find your next destination below!

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1. Southeast Asia is a fantastic destination for longer trips on a student budget. Explore the beautiful countries of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia on the Indochinese Peninsula, each offering stunning scenery, delicious food culture and bustling big cities as well as remote, rural destinations. If you wish to skip the most tourist-crowded places, head to Laos, Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand or Cambodia for outdoor activities such as treks, zip-lining, hot air balloon rides and boat rides on the Mekong river. Travelling on a backpacker budget will get you back some 20-30 EUR/day while for a mid-range budget you should be okay spending 40-50 EUR/day. 

2. Poland - a lovely European destination easily within reach from the Nordic countries. Cheap, delicious food, affordable accommodation, stunning natural beauty, rich history and architecture make Poland a great destination for student travelers. Zakopane and the Tatras Mountains are within a day-trip from Krakow, Gdansk offers picturesque views and Warsaw will get you the city vibes. A night at a hostel dorm will set you back some 20 EUR and a dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant around 30-35 EUR. 

3. The Baltic States are an absolute treasure to students - not least because they are fantastic ISIC countries each one of them! Road trip through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with a rental car or by bus. The capital cities, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, all offer beautiful architecture, rich history, a vibrant art and design scene and an amazing offer of museums and historical sights. And the landscapes and nature won't leave an adventure or a beach lover cold! Outside the inflated tourist prices in the immediate city centers in the capital, you should be alright spending 30-40 EUR/day on a shoelace budget and 60-75 EUR/day for a mid-range budget. 

4. Athens is one of the Ancient cities and boasts historical sights beyond measure, delicious food, catchy city feels and beautiful nature within a day's trip. The whole city is a like an open air museum, and with a combined ticket of 30 EUR you get an entrance to a number of historical sites in the city, including Acropolis. If you want to get out of the city and enjoy a bit of nature and tranquility, make a day trip to the nearby island of Aegina. Island hopping starting from Athens also makes for a fantastic trip, but make sure to avoid travelling during the busiest summer tourist months. May, for example, is sunny and warm enough to get you the same beach experience, but with significantly less other tourists around (and lower rates for accommodation). For a student budget, prepare to spend around 40-65 EUR/day. 

5. Budapest is often on the list when looking for the best backpacker budget travel destinations, and for good reason! Budapest is a often labelled as "the Paris of the East" and a big part of the city centre is a UNESCO world heritage site - many of the buildings truly a sight for sore eyes. Budapest also boasts many Michelin star restaurants - if your student budget holds, why not splurge on a heavenly dinner? By the Danube, Budapest is wonderful also by boat, so hop on one of the river cruises to enjoy the Banks of Danube. A night at the hostel can cost as little as 15 EUR, while a hotel night is around 50-60 EUR.

6. Amsterdam will introduce you to canals, cycling, trams and bridges. The city is famous for its relaxed attitude, and provides a tonne of cultural sights and experiences and shopping opportunities. As many of the city's sights are free or have a student entrance, you can easily make a trip to Amsterdam with a limited budget. From other European countries, Amsterdam is fairly easy and inexpensive to reach by bus, train or plane. For a tight budget, prepare to spend a minimum of 50 EUR/day. 

7. The Balkan countries make for a dreamy and affordable road-trip destination for nature lovers, beach goers and history enthusiast alike. Hit the beaches in Albania, free from other tourists, experience the mountains and vibrant wine scene in Slovenia, marvel historic Belgrade and natural wonders in Serbia. The Balkan countries are ideal for an inexpensive Interrail or a road trip, and offer as much scenery and sights as their more expensive neighbors. A night at a hostel dorm will cost you around 15-25 EUR, an Airbnb around 25-40 and a hotel from 40 EUR up. 

8. Nepal is the destination for nature and adventure lovers, and one of the top destinations for trekking in the world. The busy life in the capital Kathmandu will dazzle you, and the Himalayan scenery on the many wonderful treks in the country will surely blow your mind, but not your budget! For a student budget, you can get by with around 20 EUR/day, even when participating on a trekking tour. Experience the landscapes, culinary treats and cultural heritage of Nepal with a comfortable student budget. 

9. Berlin is simply breathtaking and most metropolitan lovers will probably rank Germany's capital among their absolute favorites. Berlin is home to some of the most important monuments and buildings in world history, providing a dramatic and educational insight into the harsh history of the city. On the less serious side, Berlin offers a unique nightlife, a fantastic cultural scene, excellent shopping opportunities and a cool population. Berlin is perfect for the extended weekend with friends or a romantic trip with your partner, and you can easily travel there by bus, train or plane from other European cities. A night at a hostel will set you back some 20 EUR, a hotel night around 60 EUR and a dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant around 40 EUR. 

10. Indonesia outside Bali can be very student budget friendly. Abundant activities and stunning nature can be reached with out the tourist crowds and prices of Bali at the Nusa Tenggara islands. Visit the Kolomo National Park and enjoy an out of this world diving experience. Hike the volcanic peaks of Flores, or surf at the Sumba or Rote Islands. Outside Bali, you can get nicely along with as little as 25 EUR/day, and 40-50 EUR/day for a mid-range budget. 


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