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Pick up dates for your ISIC Mobility card:

Erasmus University - 14-1-2020
HVA - 30-1-2020
Hanze Hogeschool - 31-1-2020
Universiteit Utrecht - 1-2-2020
Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) - 1-2-2020
Radboud University - 2-2-2020 and 3-2-2020
University Twente - 2-2-2020
Windesheim Zwolle - 3-2-2020
Erasmus University - 11-2-2020

UVA students can pick up their ISIC mobility card at ISIC office on 27, 28 or 29 january between 2pm (14:00h) and 5pm (17:00h). 

The ISIC Mobility card is supported by 


ISIC, the International Student Identity Card, allows you as a student to prove your official student status and make the most out of student benefits and discounts at 150.000 locations across more than 133 countries.




The Mobiliteitsfabriek makes all forms of transport accessible with a single card or app.





Nuffic is the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education. From primary and secondary education to vocational and higher education and research.