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Student life gets easier with an ISIC card. ISIC is the only worldwide-accepted student ID and provides you access to the global and local student discount networks in more than 130 countries. Get your digital ISIC card here with a 20% discount. Use the discount code: sp2017.

The digital ISIC card only works in combination with the ISIC app so before applying check the availability of the app in your local App or Google Play store.   

Start your international adventure by getting your personal ISIC!

  • Check the availability of the ISIC app in your local “App store” or “Google play”
  • If the app is unavailable DO NOT apply for a card
  • Via this order form the plastic version of the card is only available for students with an European Address
  • Your local ISIC issuer might have a different offer, you can check the availability via
  • ISIC in only available to students currently enrolled in an educational institution
  • If you proceed with your order and during the process one of the above requirements seem not applicable to you, your order will be terminated and we will not refund your money.
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