City Guide: Utrecht

Er is geen mooier plekkie als Utereg m’n stad! Utrecht is a beautiful and centrally located city, smaller and more familial than the urban Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Have dinner on the unique wharfs along the canals, bring a picnic to one of the many lush parks or take a bike ride outside the city and visit the many forts in the area. In this city guide you will find some facts about the city, advice on where to go and what to see, as well as some practical information.


Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht is the fourth largest and one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands (founded in 1122!). Utrecht is a true student city, with a large, spread out University campus right in the city center. The unique canal wharfs not only give the city its iconic look, they are also still in use. Many restaurants and cafes on the waterfront get beer delivery by boat two times a week! The city lies on the historic Waterlinie: a defense method designed to flood an area as fortification (yes, really). It is also home to the largest underground bicycle parking, with over 12.000 places to park your bike. Utrecht also has classical roots: there are remnants of ancient roman forts and civilization all across the city. The famous Dom Tower, located in the heart of the city, is the highest church tower in the Netherlands and reaches a height of 112,83 meters.


Utrecht highlights


  • Public Transportation, how to navigate Amsterdam by tram, metro, bus and bike.
  • An overview of public holidays (not everything will be closed on these holidays but be aware that a lot of establishments will take these days off).
  • Information about travelling around Amsterdam with a disability can be found here (accessibletravelnl).
  • For any emergency call 112. The operator will ask you whether you need the police, fire department, or an ambulance.



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