City Guide: Maastricht

Discover a different part of the Netherlands in Burgundian Maastricht. In this city you’ll be surrounded by history, beautiful nature and the river de Maas. In this city guide you will find some facts about the city, advice on where to go and what to see, as well as some practical information.


Maastricht was founded along a passable part of the Maas river, wherefrom the city gets its name; Mosa Trajectum (crossing the Maas). Long before the founding of the city, there were people living in the area. Excavations in the Belvédère district uncovered traces of human activity from the stone age (+/- 250.000 years old), the oldest archeological discovery in the Netherlands. The romans also made their way to Maastricht, they founded a settlement. The first written records of the city as ‘Maastricht’ date from the early middle ages. In the meantime, the city has been under Dutch, French, and again Dutch rule.

Because of its southern location and culture, it’s often seen as a unique part of the Netherlands. The city hosts one of the biggest Carnaval celebrations in the country. University life is also a big part of the city, even though the University is one of the ‘youngest’ in the country (founded in 1976). Maastricht has the highest population of international students in the Netherlands.


Maastricht city guide


  • (Public) Transportation, how to navigate (to) Maastricht by car, bus, train and bike.
  • An overview of public holidays (not everything will be closed on these holidays but be aware that a lot of establishments will take these days off).
  • For any emergency call 112. The operator will ask you whether you need the police, fire department, or an ambulance.
  • You can find information about travelling around Maastricht with a disability here (accessible travel NL).


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