Emirates Youth and Student tickets, flexibility with student discount at KILROY.

Student discount Emirates

Flying with Emirates is great! And with your ISIC card you get acces to cheap student and youth tickets.
The Emirates/KILROY Youth & Student ticket is valid for 12 months. It is generally cheaper than other tickets because they have lower fares with student discount, but also because you do not pay extra for stop-overs and complex routings. With the Emirates/KILROY ticket you have the flexibility to change your travel date and route against a fee (subject to availability on the new flight you request).

Things you should know about the Emirates/KILROY Youth and Student ticket

  • If you have a valid ISIC card you can get the Emirates/KILROY Youth and Student ticket with the student discount.
  • You can change all KILROY Emirates Youth & Student tickets before or after departure. Just contact KILROY via phone or their website.
  • You do not pay extra for flexibility. In fact, prices for youth & students are lower than regular prices and even the cheapest Emirates tickets are flexible.
  • Emirates tickets can be booked as one-way journeys or return.
  • With Emirates youth & student airfares, KILROY can create itineraries that have multiple stopovers in Africa, Asia and Australia. 

Looking for a great trip with Emirates? KILROYs travel experts are there to help you booking your ticket(s).


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